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Handy Language Tips When Travelling in Bali

It’s always good to know a few helpful words or expressions when travelling in another country. The local people love teaching you more words, and it’s polite and fun to order when in a restaurant.


  • Selamat pagi : Good morning, normally from 05 am to 10.59 am
  • Selamat siang : A greeting from 11 am until 3 pm
  • Selamat sore : A greeting from 3.01 pm until 6 pm as sore is when the sun begins to fade
  • Selamat malam : A greeting from 7 pm until 12 am

Meeting people

  • What is your name? : Nama Anda siapa?
  • Nice to meet you : Salam Kenal
  • Terima kasih [banyak] : Thank you [very much]
  • Permisi [per-mi-si] : Excuse me
    Note: we say “permisi” in Indonesia while passing by someone, or when we want to ask for help from other people.

In restaurant

  • I would like to order … : Saya mau pesan …
  • Not too spicy … : Jangan terlalu pedas
  • Delicious : Enak
  • Do you have a menu? : Apakah kamu punya menu?
  • Can I have the bill? : Bolehkah saya minta bill?
  • I don’t want it spicy : Saya tidak mau pedas
  • I don’t want sugar : Saya tidak mau gula
  • No MSG please : Tidak pakai MSG/michin
  • Can I have water? : Boleh saya minta air?
  • Can I have ice? : Boleh saya minta es?
  • I cannot eat nuts : Saya tidak bisa makan kacang
  • I don’t understand : Saya tidak mengerti
  • I don’t know : Saya tidak tahu
  • How much [asking for price] : Berapa harganya?
  • Where is the toilet? : Di mana toilet?

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